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VIDEO: ‘Ishq Vishk’ fame Shenaz Treasury arrived on Cordelia Cruise, showed the luxurious view of the ship

Actress Shenaz Treasury, who worked with Shahid Kapoor in the film ‘Ishq Vishk’, appears less in films but is very active on social media. She keeps posting videos as a travel vlogger and content creator. Shahnaz has shared a new video in which she is seen going on Cordelia Cruise. Along with this, he has shown the full view of the cruise. Cordelia Cruises is in discussion these days. Aryan Khan and seven others were detained by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) from the ship of Cordelia Cruises.

arrived with family

Shahnaz went on a cruise with her family. He wrote in the caption- ‘Ship? Train? Plane? Bike? or something else? what are you? I am a boat I was conceived on a ship. My dad was a captain. I have been on many ships but have never been on a passenger cruise.

luxury view of the ship

In the video, Shahnaz says, ‘You must have seen this ship in the news. Well today I am going on this ship.’ She poses from the lobby of the ship to the deck.

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Cruise had issued a statement

Let us inform that after the Aryan Khan drugs case, Cordelia Cruise had issued a statement saying that ‘Cruise is not involved in any direct or indirect. Cordelia Cruises leased its ship to an event management company based in Delhi for a private event. We condemn such activities on cruise.



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