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Unfazed by the FIR, Kangana Ranaut shared a bold photo, said – If you come to arrest, then the mood is like this

Kangana Ranaut is unfazed by the number of cases registered against her. This is evident from his recent Instagram post. Kangana has posted a picture in bold clothes in which she is also seen carrying wine. It is written together that another FIR has been lodged against him. If someone comes to arrest then this is the mood at home. Kangana had recently compared farmers to Khalistanis in her statement. Because of this an FIR has been registered against him in Mumbai.

Kangana looked unfazed by the FIR

Kangana Ranaut often remains in the headlines for her controversial statements. Due to his tweets and statements, cases have been filed many times in the past as well. After comparing the Kisan movement with the Khalistani movement, they are again protesting from place to place. After the FIR was registered in Mumbai, Kangana shared her photo on Instagram and wrote, New day new FIR… If they come to arrest me, then my mood at home is like this. With this, Kangana has shared her bold picture with a glass of wine in her hand.

Mukesh Khanna called Kangana Ranaut’s statement ‘inspired by flattery’, said – the British were afraid of revolutionaries, not Gandhiji

Kangana gave this statement

Kangana wrote on her Insta story after the agricultural law was withdrawn, Khalistani terrorists may be twisting the hands of the government today, but do not forget that woman. The only woman Prime Minister (Indira Gandhi) who crushed these people under her shoe. No matter how much trouble he has caused to this country… at the cost of his life, he crushed them like mosquitoes, but did not allow the country to break into pieces, even after a decade of his death, these people still tremble at his name They need the same teacher.

FIR registered against Kangana Ranaut in Mumbai



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