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‘Uncle’ does not know Hindi, Bollywood songs blow his neck with a bang


The fan following of Hindi songs is not only in India but in many parts of the world. The proof of which is seen on social media every day. On many hit songs of Bollywood, people abroad are also seen making funny videos and sharing them on social accounts. Many of these videos even become viral overnight. At the same time, today we are going to tell you about an American dancing dad who dances on Bollywood songs in such a way that his fan following on Instagram is no less than a star.

dancing dad videos

The name of this dancing dad is Ricky Pond and he also has an Instagram account with the same name. Where he is seen sharing his dance videos on every trending songs of Bollywood. Ricky’s dance moves are also absolutely desi. Due to his desi style, Ricky has a good special fan following in India too. While dancing in Bollywood style, Ricky often stars wife and children in his videos. Ricky describes himself as a fan of Bollywood. She has performed on everything from Kriti Sanon’s ‘Param Sundari’ to internet sensation Sahdev’s ‘Bachpan Ka Pyaar’.

Not only Bollywood…

Not only on Bollywood songs, Ricky Pond also dances on South’s hit songs to Marathi songs. At the same time, when Ricky started sharing such videos, he had no idea what amazing his dance was going to do. If media reports are to be believed, he started shooting dance videos to deal with boredom during Kovid’s circumstances and lockdown and Ricky was surprised to see the response of people when these videos were posted on Instagram. His dance on Bollywood songs made people so crazy that his followers increased overnight. Just what was it then, Ricky started making his videos every day to entertain the fans.

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