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Yeh Hai Chahatein Today’s Episode 15th November 2021 Updates: Vasu Exposes Preesha & Gopal

The 15th November 2021 episode of Yeh Hai Chahatein commences where Mishka decides to visit Pram’s residence while bringing the gift for Vidhi & also advises that they should spend some time with her. But he rudely replies that he needs to go to the office, so she has a right to do whatever she wants. Viudhi tries to make him understand that Vidhi needs their love and care so that, she can forget her all sadness of losing her parents. In short, she confronts him that he should stop blaming Vidhi for his brother, because she is just a kid, and that was an accident.

After a while, Rudra reaches the mental health clinic along with Preesha and tries to cool down Gopal, meanwhile, Preesha also encourages her father that he has done whatever is needed at that time. But he is worried about Vasu because she also has the right to know the exact truth behind the death of her son. As soon as they reach Venky’s room they get shocked to see Vasu there because they never ever expected her. Then Vasu goes outside by warning them to stay away from her, and don’t they dare to chase as well.

Then Gopal stops her and makes her acquired with the truth behind the past circumstances. Vasu gets emotional and hugs him by saying that why he tolerated the huge pain alone, but he gives the credit to Dr. Radha because she became a cause of his aliveness. Dr. Radha says that Venky is like her brother, so there is no need to mention thanks, she has done her duty or nothing else. At the same time, Rudra gets Mishka’s call where she unleashes Vidhi’s condition, he advises her to organize a party for her so that, she can cheer up.

On the other hand, when Preesha and Rudra are coming back to their residence she thinks that she should find the girl who ruined her brother Venkyt’s life properly, so that, she can punish her. Meanwhile, Rudra again gets Mishka’s call and ass about Vidhi she unleashes that all arrangement has been done by her for the party. He says that he will definitely bring Param there do not worry, Preesha hears everything and asks Rudra that they should do such things to make Mishka and Param unite again. Rudra agrees with her and according to their plan he drives fast to reach at their residence before Param.


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