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Yashahime Season 2 Episode 2 Release Date & Time Preview Spoilers Review

Hello, all the anime lovers, so, as we all know that anime shows always have a separate fan base. Another entertaining Anime series Yashmine is fetching the attention of the audience. The Japanese television series is all-engrossing the audience with its second ongoing season. The latest season is again getting the headlines with its upcoming episode. Well, the second season of the show has been released recently on 2 October 2021 and delivered an extremely entertaining first episode. After the highly engaged chapter, the viewers of the show are getting eager for the Yasmine Second Season Second Episode.

Well, the second episode will be premiered on Crunchyroll and Funimation on 9th October 2021, Saturday at around 11 AM BST. The thriving first season of the Yashmine premiered on 20th March 2021. The sequel of the web series had been announced later. The first chapter came up with a total of 24 episodes, and now the 25th episode aired with the release of its sequel. The opening theme is “ReBorn” performed by NEWS while the ending theme is “Toumei Na Sekai” by Little Glee Monster.

If We talk about the second season came with the title ‘Wielding the Tenseiga’, the show begins with Towa tries to replenish her sword with the powers to revive Setsuna. Later, Totosai describes how Tenseiga healed with the passage of time. On another hand, Setsuna’s soul would have entered the underworld and made the sword ineffective. Well, as of now the process is up to Towa, but the army of the demons are getting attracted to the transferred power. Whereas Moroha and Kirara are bending over backwards to cope up with the army but the army is huge in number. The demons are inches away to hit the daughter of Sesshomaru, but Setsuna rises at the right time and eliminates the army of the demons in one stroke.

Sesshomaru hands over the broken Tenseiga to Totosai to get it healed, but it says that it will reverse to sentient once it gets picked. Well, the action-packed show has come to an end, with Totosai telling Setsuna about the mysterious Kyuyokon root from the 214-year-old Magnolia demon tree Bokusenoh, which would provide enough demonic weapons for Towa. So, if you haven’t watched the first episode of the show get entertained this weekend and get thrilled with wonderful action. Catch the exclusive second episode today on Crunchyroll and Funimation. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest updates on Yashmine: Princess Half-Demon, Part II.


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