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Will Rani and Veer gets succeed to take Digvijay out?


The latest episode of ATBA begins with, Vijya ordering one of her men to break every single one of the people who comes from the Rajwat family. Meanwhile, Rani gets her new plan to get Digvijay out, both changes their look, and Rani asks him that where is he, he tells her that he is in ER. There, Digvijay begs the goons to let him go, he even offers them his expensive watch saying just take it and leave me.

Vijya comes there and looks at him on which Digvijay gets angry seeing her and says her to leave. Vijya laughs saying “I forgot what you did that day, you saved Rajeshwari but I could marry Ranvijay but as you sad her last day so today I will see who will come here to save you this time, I’m waiting. Digvijay replies angrily that this time she is not going to be saved, he then adds that her sins will get heavy on her life this time. Meanwhile, a ward boy injects him. There, Rani gets worried thinking about what should she do now as they are running out of time.

As Rani and Veer both have changed their getup so Rani yells “my baby”… Veer also gets worried, he rushes inside and says “somebody helps us, please save my wife. Unknowingly Rani says “Mata Rani”, doctors gets shocked and asks her “Mam you are Muslim right”? Rani manages to lie saying she meant her mom not goddess. Finally, both get entered in the Emergency ward where Digvijay is, Veer looks at him and gets emotional recalling all the golden moments.

Veer tells Digvijay that he is here to get him back to the house, he gets a teary eye and looks around, he sees a doctor’s dress and makes Digijay lie on the stretcher. He covers his face and takes him out disguised as a doctor thinking that how Rani will come out. Meanwhile, the clever Rani scream and says “call my husband here” nurses go to find Veer and Rani thinks that she has to escape now. On the other side, in the house there is another kind of drama has taken place as Vikram has locked in the room and Mausa Ji says him to rub his back. He screams for help, while Mausa replies that there is ain’t deal to scream. Kajri opens the door and gets shocked seeing Vikram with Mausa and that too locked in the bathroom together. The episode ends with some another kind of drama but deal to watch is, will Rani and Veer succeed to get Digvijay out. Stay tuned to read more updates.



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