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Who Won MTV Splitsvilla 13/ X3 Grand Finale Check Winner Name Jay & Aditi, 2nd October Episode

After entertaining fans for months, the popular reality show of MTV is all set to bid its adieu. Yes, we are talking about the couple-based dating show Splitsvilla 13 which is looking forward to announcing the season’s ultimate winner. The viewers are excited to find out who will be lifting the glittering trophy today aka the last episode as the show will hold the Grand Finale tonight. It would really be interesting to see what happens at the end of the most-anticipated finale and which couple grabs the chance to become the winner of the third season. Check all the details here.

Premiered on 6th March 2021, the popular show arrived with a new theme titled “Love Ki Khoj”. It was not just the only different thing to happen in this season but there was an introduction of two different villas going by the names Golden Villa and Silver Villa. The contestants have to battle hard to secure a place in the holden villa while there was another twist where the eliminated participants have been sent to Wild Villa, another reality show host by Nikhil Chinappa. There, they had to face other existing contestants to get reentry in the Splitsvilla.

However, the participants managed to get through the unique season and now after a couple of months, one couple will be announced as the winner and will take the trophy and winning prize money home. The contestants who participated in the show at the beginning of the show include Nikita Bhamidipati, Shivam Sharma, Pallak Yadav, Riya Kishanchandani, Kevin Almasifar, Kat Kristian, Vyomesh Kaul, Sapna Malik, Dhruv Malik, Bhoomika Vasisth, Arushi Chib, Avantika Sharma, Samarthya Gupta, Trevon Das, Janvi Sikaria, Azma Fallah, Jay Dudhane, Aditi Gupta and plenty more. Besides, some wild card entrants also appeared in the show to raise the competition.

Now, many participants have gotten eliminated and the show has gotten its top finalists who will battle in the Grand Finale episode to win the coveted title. Yes, the top two finalists of the show include Jay -Aditi, and Shivam- Pallak. They will perform the last stunts of the show and will try to dominate their rival team and emerge as the winners. Earlier, Dhruv- Sapna, Kevin- Kristian, and Nikhil- Bhoomika were also in the race to the finale but unfortunately, the trio couldn’t make it. Where Kevin Almasifar was disqualified from the show because of him being violent in the previous episode.

Splitsvilla 13 Winner Jay & Aditi

Kevin Almasifar’s sudden disqualification resulted in his connection, Kat, walking out of the show as well. After that, the semi-finale took place where Avantika- Piyush and Shivam- Pallak performed. The couples battled until one of them came out as the winner. At the end of the Semi-Finale round, the show’s host Ranvijay Singh and Sunny Leone declared Shivam and Pallak as the winners while Avantika and Piyush got eliminated from the show. With that, the lovely pair became the first finalists of the show. The fans will witness the mentioned semi-finalists battling against one another in the upcoming finale episode.

In the latest episode of 25th September 2021, the semi-finalists will be seen performing in what happens to be the final task of the 13th season. Further, Dhruv- Sapna, and Nikhil- Bhoomika will fail to register a victory and will get eliminated from the show even though they were one inch closer to the anticipated finals. After their elimination, the show will get its two finalists who will be Jay- Aditi and Shivam- Pallak. The final competition will happen between them where they will try to give their possible best to win the task.

Who Won Splitsvilla 13 Jay & Aditi

Undoubtedly, the competition is going to be very tough as both the couples have played impressively well in their previous tasks and considering the fact they have reached the finals with their hard work and dedication, no one would want to slip the golden chance to become the winner after delivering their 100% in the task and get their names listed in the winners’ category this season. However, it is being speculated that Jay and Aditi will manage to beat Shivam and Pallak in the given task and will win the coveted title and the appealing prize alongside.

The Grand Finale of MTV Splitsvilla X3 Season 13 will take place on Saturday, 2nd October 2021. The spectators will get to witness a never forgettable evening where all the former contestants of the show will appear to grace the finale with their presence while the finalists will be seen putting their blood, sweat and tears to win the given tasks. No doubt, the last episode is going to be super exciting and thrilling. It will be air on MTV at 7 PM while the fans can also watch it on the Voot app. Stay tuned to our site to know who is the winner of Splitsvilla 13 and who become the runner up.


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