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Who Was Timbo The Redneck TikTok Star Passed Away Check Death Cause/ Reason Accident Video


A very sad incident is coming in front of people that Timbo the redneck has died due to a tragic accident, A heart-wrenching video shared by his mother surfaced on social media. Where she confirmed his death and conveyed the real reason to his fans and this video was shared especially on Instagram and Tiktok because plenty of people have followed him. Sharing the video, she also said that his son had an accident, he was not making any videos, and when they took him to the hospital. But his injuries were so much that he lost the battle of life and is no longer in their midst.

But his mother has not yet shared the complete cause of death, due to which somewhere the cause of his death still remains unknown. A statement is appearing in front of the people which is given by his mother, in which she said that “She would like to thanks all his fans, who he had and further mentioned that he used to love Tiltok a lot and it would count in his priority list. Even he loves all those people who followed him on social media platforms, which means a lot to her.

Twitter has also been flooded with tribute messages that his fans are sharing because he is one of the most followed Tiktoker and influencer as well. That’s why people are shocked by his death because in this way the death of their favorite star is no less than a shock. Therefore a wave of sadness has taken place among them, and there is an atmosphere of sorrow among all his fans and their family members are also suffering from the great loss. Even all his close friends are consoling his family so that they remain courageous in this difficult time.

As per the exclusive reports, Timbo The Redneck’s mother even revealed that they had set up a “GoFundMe” Type of method to collect the money for his funeral. Even she shared the link through which uncounted people donated money for his funeral, and just in a while, they get enough money. That helped them in his funeral and when the GoFundMe got enough donations, they close the lines so that, no one can donate more. Approximately they have collected more than $9,000. Everyone is praying for the peace of his soul so that, May he be happy wherever he is and in the end, we will also pray the same



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