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In the midst of so much bad news here is another that came up which can wrench the heart of Hip-Hop lovers. Chicago’s famous rapport named Edai 600 has passed away. The hip-hop star’s death has shaken lakhs of hearts and people are mourning his death. However, there is some news that is stating that war has begun but what war they all are talking about is still a mystery. The rapper was shot on 31st July and the worst thing about his death is, he has several numbers of shots on his back and some other injuries which have shaken up everyone.

Chicago rapper’s fans are creating a flood on social media mourning his death because the news is not even dreamed that his favorite rap star will leave them on earth. Edai 600 was one of the finest rappers from the country and his songs created a buzz everywhere. Talking about his carrier so he was a drill rapper who came into the hip-hop scene in 2012 and the credit of his fame goes to his song named “Gucci.” After that, he found a label named 600 ENT and from that label, Edai became Edai 600.

After getting signed into the label he released a solo music album named “Came for Nothing” in the year 2014 which lead to more limelight. However, there is a strange thing that is noticeable, rappers are dying, why? talking about the previous month so we have lost plenty more rappers such as Lil Loaded, Biz Markie, Indian Red Boy, KTS Dre, and rapper Gonzoe. These are the names that we know but there are plenty more rappers who have died earlier and the strange thing is, most of the rappers have shot and what is the mystery behind their deaths, no one knows.

Well, talking about Edai so he was 32 years old and he was married. His net worth was around $1.5 million USD. Lead to fame from Gucci rapper has done so many other tracks and his determination and focus and also the love towards music is the main reason that he got too much fame in the music industry in just 10 years. At the time of Gucci in 2012, he was 23 years old and he proved that if you have a hunger to grab fame no one can take it from you.

His lyrics always blow the mind and force everyone to vibe on his songs. Many other superstars are giving tributes to him and some of his fans wrote “Chicago King”. Now as per this you can take the idea of ​​his fanbase. No doubt he will remain alive through his music. The news is so sad but yes… the rapper has gone forever. Our condolences are with his fans, family, and friends.



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