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What Geetanjali Devi will Do Next


You all must be keen to know about the latest episode’s story of the show and therefore we are here jumping the gun to lift the veil of tonight’s story. So, in the latest episode of SSK 2, you will watch Aarav talking to Indu and assuring her that nothing will happen with Avinash and tells her that she should not be worried about him because her son is with her. Indu sees a feather of Peacock on his jacket and calls him Krishna. Aarav smiles and says her that her son is with her and he will not let anything bad happen with her and his father.

Meanwhile, Gajendra comes there and goes to them, Indu again calls him Krishna. Aarav sees the feather on his jacket and gives that to Indu saying it will protect their family from every further trouble, he looks at her and asks if she has faith in Murli Vala, she smiles and nods. Indu holds the feather and prays for the happiness back in her family. She looks at him and says that she was so sad before but he gave her the strength, he smiles saying there is nothing like thanking him after all he is also a son of this family. Vivaan standing there also says not to take tension as her sons are with her, they both tell her that they will not let anything happen to Papa Ji.

Both of the brothers touch her feet with a smiling face and she gives blesses them along with prayer for their long lives. She then says to Simar that now she has to leave, Roma’s father-In-Law says that he will drop her while Aarav says him to leave as he will drop her at her house. Indu says them not to get worried for her as she will go alone, Aarav and Vivaan request her not to be stubborn and let them come along with her.

There, Badi Maa meets Indu and tells her that her Grand Son is now going against her and the entire family just to support her, Indu looks on when Badi Maa says that this is not the first time because when Gagan came to her both of her grandsons supported him instead of her. She says that “your daughters have done some magic on my boys which is not good and you will be blamed for the worst”. Gajendra comes there and says that Aarav is just a child he can’t defeat them whether he is his son but he won’t let him win the battle. Well, there is much drama waiting for you tonight so tune in to Colors TV to watch the complete episode and stay tuned with us to read all the further updates.



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