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Watch Udaariyaan Latest Episode 11th November 2021: Tejo Agreees To Marry Angad

The 11th November 2021 episode of Udaariyaan begins where Tejo is ready to marry Angad Maan because Khushbir Singh and her father have chosen him for her life partner. She mentions that she will definitely tied-a-knot with him, because Khushbir Singh also announced that first she will get married than Fateh, otherwise he will not let them marry at all. Because as far as he has concerned about he does not want to see her in trouble again, Tejo says that Anagad Maan is a nice guy who understands her. Therefore she will marry him as she does not want to become a cause of someone’s unhappiness.

Meanwhile, Fateh’s gestures get changed because still, he has feelings for Tejo and as she is ready to make an alliance with Angad, he is getting jealous. But extempore he wonders that if he is looking forward to Jasmine so it would not be inappropriate if Tejo also looks forward to her life. But unwillingly a strange feeling is surrounding him which is becoming a cause of his queasiness. Therefore, many speculations are coming to the fore, that will he let them marry or create some obstacles on the day of their wedding.

After a while, Angad Maan comes to meet them and informs them that he agrees with Tejo and therefore, he will marry her. But they will marry on the same day when Fateh and Jasmine will get married, because according to Khushbir Singh’s condition first, he wants to see Tejo as a bride. Everyone is happy to hear their unanimous decision because finally, Tejo also got the partner, but still, several thoughts are going on in their minds regarding the previous relationship. Tejo wonders that she said yes to the marriage but what will happen the next because genuinely she does not want to make an alliance with anyone.

Later, Fateh goes away from the family and thinks about all the stuff that they have been gone through previously, but no one had imagined that their life will change in such a manner. He recalls all those golden moments which he has spent with Tejo because he is missing her wholeheartedly. Because he is not happy enough to get the support of Jasmine, as he has spent many months with Tejo under the same roof. So hence, it became more difficult to see someone close with anyone and can not stop even if he wants.


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