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Watch SSK Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Update Episode 2nd Dec 2021: Will Simar Marry Samar?


In the latest episode of Sasural Simar Ka 2, there will be an amazing drama tonight you will watch because as you all know that finally it has been announced Samar and Simar’s wedding is about to take place. However, when Simar gets to know about it she gets shocked thinking that how can it be possible because she never thinks about anyone except for Aarav and today her wedding has been fixed with Samar whom she can’t even know properly.

So, tonight’s episode of SSK 2 begins with, Gajendra and Sandhya in a room where she gets angry at him saying that why he is telling her now when he has ruined everything, he looks at her and says that he didn’t something as big as she is reacting. She says him that he has talked to Indu and Avinash Ji before and coming to her now, “Simar’s second marriage” Sandhya says, “how can you think about this, do you want your son to cry every time”. He replies that it will affect Aarav but after a time when things will get back to normal he will be happy and it will help him to move on in his life. Gajendra then says to her that whatever has happened with Simar in this house has broken her from the inside and now he wants to give her all the happiness back in her life hence he is doing this all.

Sandhya then asks him that what about Simar as she loves him more than herself, he looks around, she says that Simar loves your son more than anything and today you are saying this and trying to send her away from your own son. Gajendra says that he knows everything but what can he do, Simar got too much pain in the house and this time both are repenting without any real reason. He then says that they have to heal the wound in their hearts.

A worried Sandhya says that her son is dying at every moment and it seems like he has forgotten to keep the smile on his face and if he will do the same then it will be a fake smile because he is not happy with the circumstances. He says “I know,” she says that when Aarav will get to know about his he must be dead, she asks that why he brought the marriage prop for her Bahu, he replies that she is not your Bahu and let her go. The episode ends here stay connected to read more updates on the show.



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