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Watch NIK Namak Issk Ka Written Update 4th August 2021 Episode Kahani And Satya Swap Places


In today’s latest episode of Namak Issk Ka, Karan advises Satya to keep an onion under her armpit as it will result in her body temperature getting increased. Karan tells Satya that she can call him anytime as he will be always there to help her. Satya smiles and says that she is ready to manage the behavior of Iravati with the help of an onion. Another side, the family members are preparing for Tandav of Kahani. Iravati gets excited to think that the members will get the shock of their life. Karan comes and tells everyone that Kahani got unconscious and fainted.

Rupa gets shocked while Saroj immediately calls Yug. Meanwhile, Karan brings Kahani home. Yug goes towards her and asks what happened to her. Iravati thinks that Satya is just pretending to be sick. Yug touches Kahani and states that she has a high fever. Iravati grabs the chance and calls the doctor. The doctor arrives and does checkups and takes her blood sample afterwards. He informs the family that after the tests, he will state to them about his condition. Iravati whispers in Satya’s ears saying her blood group is not similar to Kahani’s so the reports will get her in trouble.

Namak Issk Ka Written Update

Here, Iravati plans to kill Kahani by feeding her poisoned juice and thinks that Satya will be accused of murder. On another side, the real Kahani tells everyone that she wants to perform Tandav as she knows that nothing will happen to her until Lord Shiva is with her. Iravati doesn’t understand what is Satya doing while Kahani begins her Tandav and grabs a Trishul in her hands. While Kahani is performing, Iravati’s feet slip and she falls down with Kahani holding Trishul upon her. The scene makes Iravati scared. Gunjan goes into the basement and hands Kahani the poisonous drink.

The flashback shows that Satya and Kahani have swapped their places. Satya had shown trust in Kahani and took her place in the basement while Kahani went to perform Tandav. Satya tells Kahani that Yug might suspect her so she is sending her instead. Kahani says that she won’t break her trust and they hug each other. After the Tandav, Kahani hugs Yug tightly. Ronak says that it feels like she is seeing him after so long. Kahani tells Yug that she wants to tell him something while Iravati is confused that why Satya is behaving in such a manner. Namak Issk (Ishq) Ka episode ends.



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