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Watch Kundali Bhagya Written Update 11th December 2021 Episode: Sonakshi Kills Pihu?


The latest episode of Kundali Bhagya begins with Preeta driving the car. She asks Pihu who is sitting next to her if she likes burgers. Pihu nodes. Preeta tells her that they will be reaching home soon. Preeta asks Pihu to drink a lot of water and clean her face. However, she keeps getting irritated by the truck behind her car. Here, the truck driver named Santosh calls Sonakshi to confirm if he has to kill both mother and daughter.

Sonakshi asks him to wait for a while and tells him that he should hit her car in such a way that it looks like an accident or else they will get in trouble. She asks him to send pictures of the duo once they die. Preeta decides to let the truck by giving it space. However, to her surprise, the truck doesn’t overtake her and continues to follow her. Preeta understands that the truck is sent by Sonakshi to kill them and thinks how low she can get to succeed in her evil plans.

Kundali Bhagya 11-12-2021 Episode

On another side, Karan eagerly waits for Preeta and Karan. Dadi asks him not to worry as Kritika has already confirmed that Pihu is safe. Here, Preeta doesn’t understand what to do. She tries to drive faster but all in vain as the truck driver also speeds up. Preeta even changes her route but the truck doesn’t disappear. She understands that it has been sent to kill them. Here, Pihu enjoys the ride and asks Preeta to drive even faster. Meanwhile, Pihu unlocks the door.

Preeta suddenly stops the car when a tempo comes in front of her. It makes Pihu fall out of the car. Preeta rushes out of the car to save her. The truck driver gets tense seeing the circumstances and runs away. Preeta begs for help as she couldn’t feel Pihu’s pulse. Meanwhile, the police arrive at the scene. The lady inspector states that the child is dead. Inspector accuses Preeta of killing Pihu by driving so fast and arrests her. Here, Karan feels that something is wrong.

On another side, Santosh sends Sonakshi pictures from the scene. Sherlyn asks Sonakshi about it to which the latter inform her that Pihu has died. Vinod gets stunned seeing Preeta in the police station and asks how did she land there. She tells him the entire story. Later, Preeta reaches Luthra house where everyone asks her about Pihu. She goes to Sonakshi and asks her why did she kill a small child. Everyone gets stunner while Sonakshi pretends to not know anything. Karan doesn’t believe Preeta and shouts at her while leaving the room in anger. Follow for more Kundali Bhagya updates.



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