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Watch: DC Popeyes Rats Video On TikTok Gets Viral Leads To Restaurant Shut Down

The famous fast-food restaurant company’s one branch in Washington DC to shut down after a video went viral on TikTok. Yes, we are talking about the famous Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen whose one video went viral, however, in a viral video, you will watch a normal clip where a rat appears on the cable. You must be thinking for once that a rat is just a normal and natural creation that can appear anywhere and anytime but the DC Popeyes Rats Video has caused to shut the restaurant.

Reportedly, the viral video was first uploaded by a user who goes by the name blaqazzrick01 where he seems to be talking about the chicken of the restaurant but soon viewers started to notice the background that shows several rats scurrying around the kitchen of the restaurant in Washington DC. However, the video contains some graphic language so it has also seen that how people are offended with the video after all this is the kitchen that delivers food in a heavy quantity. The title which is grabbing the headlines is “The branch of Popeyes has closed down on Thursday after the video went viral” and people are keen to know what the video includes.

What Is DC Popeyes Rat Video?

Well, the video clip was posted on TikTok a couple of weeks ago when the store went on a closure. In the short clip, you will watch a man who goes by the username @blaqazzrick01 who claims to deliver chicken to almost all of the Popeyes restaurants in the DC area. In a clip, the man seems to say “y’all want to see something?” He then steps inside the restaurant and walks towards the kitchen where he usually records the video but the things went different when several rats seem darting around and having fun on the wires. In another line, you will hear “You still love that chicken from Popeyes?”

The scene starts when the video starts surfacing on the internet and nothing is shocking to know that the video has been shared more than thousands of times since the clip dropped on the internet. However, Popeyes did not react immediately to the viral case but soon they responded but as a result, the branch was shut down. Let’s see how soon will the shutter pull up again. Share your thoughts on this in the comment section and stay connected with us to get all the latest and viral news across the globe.


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