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Wagle Ki Duniya Written Epiosde 4th August 2021 Update: Vandana Exposes Kumar?


There is no doubt your favorite television channel Sony Sab is one of the best channels where we all watch better from one another sitcoms and saying this won’t be bad that bringing something new is not tough but attracting people towards the concept is a tough deal . In the midst of this kind of competition Jamnadas Majethia produced a show named “Wagle Ki Duniya – Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey” is getting much love from the audience and it is just expected because all the characters are from RK Laxman’s creativity named “The Common Man “

Well, without talking much about the show we jump the gun to get today’s episode update of 4th August 2021. Go down to read the complete episode. In the latest episode you will watch, Vandana comes to Jyoti and Harshad and tells them about Kumar’s reality. She tells them that Kumar is not what they think about him because he pretends to be something which he is not in reality. Jyoti and Harshad ask her that on what basis she is saying this despite knowing that Kumar is a good man.

Vandana tells them that she is saying this because she has some proof. They ask her what she has that she is alleging him. She tells that Kumar exploits young children, they again question her statement. She then tells that Vidyuy does not like Kumar’s touch and even feels so uncomfortable in his presence. Harshad and Jyoti denies accepting these on Kumar Bhai. Vandana tries to make them aware of Kumar’s reality but they do not even listen to her. Jyoti says that Kumar’s character is way clearer than her kitchen’s slabs marble so there is nothing like having doubt about him.

Meanwhile, Dakku Bhai comes there and says that whom they are considering as a god is an evil who exploits kids. Harshad says that he appreciates Vandana’s concern for Vidyut but they also believe in Kumar’s character which they can’t doubt. Harshad says to Vandana that she cares about Vidyut and perhaps this can be the reason that she does not feel up for Kumar Bhai. Meanwhile, Vandana gets an SMS where she says that Vidyut has sent Raj an SOS, she gets scared thinking about him.

She tells them that Vidyut needs us he must be in a problem and they have to reach him. She asks Jyoti about Vidyut’s whereabouts. There Vidyut seems to be in a problem with the man, against whom Vandana is complaining. Now watching this will be so amazing that will, Vandana expose Kumar Bhai or he will be safe. Stay tuned with us to read more further updates on the show and tune in to Sony Sab TV to watch the complete episode tonight.



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