Virat Gives Up On Sai


Ghum Hai Kisike Pyaar Mein’s latest episode starts with Sai and Virat having a conversation. Sai tells him that every relationship needs some time to grow and adds that the relationships are based on trust and truth goes far. Sai continues that Samrat still cares about relationships as he apologized to Mansi and calls him a good person. Virat asks if she doesn’t think of him as a good man. Sai states that not everything is about him. Virat asks if she has been saying all this because he didn’t inform her about his transfer.

Virat adds that she has no one to know about his personal matters. Sai immediately says that even she will not tell him anything from now on. Virat says that he won’t even ask about it and adds that they will carry the burden of the relationship until he is here and will stay in a formal relationship. On another side, Pakhi and Samrat also communicate. Samrat asks her to tell about her decision. He asks her to take off the Mangalsutra as he is aware that she has someone else in her heart. Pakhi tells him that she didn’t know that they both were related.

Pakhi says that she was escaping the past all this time but it looks like she has to face it. Samrat informs Pakhi about Virat loving Sai but the latter thinks that he is just fulfilling his duties. Pakhi doesn’t like his statement and says that she feels like she is being insulted. Samrat says that he didn’t want to insult her but just wanted to tell the truth so she can decide. He asks if she wants to give another chance to their relationship. Pakhi remains silent. Samrat understands and says that he has understood.

Later, Pakhi asks Samrat to stay in her room but he refuses and says that he will sleep in the guestroom. Both of them think about the conversation they had and get upset. Here, Sai tells Virat that she knows he is upset as Samrat told the truth to everyone but he is treating her wrong. Virat says that he doesn’t care what anyone said or says anymore as he has buried all the emotions in his heart. He asks her not to talk any further. Sai gets sad. She thinks that Virat was so excited to celebrate his wedding anniversary a day ago but avoiding talking to her now. Virat gets upset thinking of the insult and thinks he could never forget that.

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