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Udaariyaan Written Episode 7th October 2021 Update Tejo & Jasmine Learn Each Other’s Secrets

Undoubtedly, Colors TV serial Udaariyan has become the most anticipated show on the channel. Viewers eagerly wait for the telecast for another interesting episode of the show to know the further story. However, sometimes, the wait is really tiring and fans struggle to have patience as they are desperate to know what happened next in the story. Well, we are here with the latest written episode and written update of 7th October 2021. Take a look at the update here to find out what is the upcoming twist and turn in today’s episode of the daily soap.

It starts with Tejo coming to know about a huge secret of Jasmine. She finds out that Jasmine has plotted a huge game to win Fateh’s heart and has somewhat gotten succeeded in it as well. Tejo learns that Jasmine’s love for Fateh was never really true and she never cared for his family either. She comes to this realization after seeing the burnt passports of their father. To say the least, Tejo gets stunned and doesn’t know what and how to feel or react. Here, Rupy wants Tejo’s happiness and wishes a good life to her.

Udaariyan 7-10-2021 Episode

Rupy asks Tejo to return home and forget Fateh and Virk family. But, Tejo wants to know about the passport story. She already knows some things. Tejo tries to connect the dots as she recalls how Fateh had told her that Jasmine had abandoned her dream of going to Canada and chose his love. However, Tejo has hidden plenty of secrets of Jasmine from Fateh. She hid the fact that Jasmine leaked the exam papers and after finding out about it, Tejo had given Jasmine another chance. Tejo had thought that Jasmine will become a good person but to her surprise, she has not changed a bit.

On another side, Jasmine follows Tejo and gets shocked finding out about Candy being Simran’s son. She also learns how Tejo wants to reunite them and that is the reason she brought him home. Jasmine decides to reveal the truth to the family and rushes to reach home as soon as possible. However, Tejo, Buzo, and Simran watch him as she mistakenly drops the water pot. No, both the sisters have something hidden in their hearts that happens to be each other’s secret. It will be interesting to see who exposes whom first. Catch Udaariyaan latest episode on Colors TV.


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