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Udaariyaan Today’s Written Episode Update 30th Sept 2021: Tejo Decides To Leave Fateh Forever

The 30th September 2021 episode of Udaariyaan begins where Jasmine’s happiness knows no bounds ever since she got the news that Tejo is ready to sign divorce papers. She commemorates her victory by saying that she knows one day it was about to happen no matter how many attempts Tejo has done. She wonders once Tejo leaves their life then she will prove herself so that, her entire memory can vanish from the mind of the Virk family. But at the same time, Fateh is going through confusion regarding the divorce with Tejo, because as far as he has concerned she is quite sagacious.

Further, Fateh says that whatever decision he will take can make a huge impact in his life along with his family, because they do not want to send Tejo away. But his first priority is Jasmine now and nothing is bigger than her happiness hence, he will have to do something. Another side, as soon as Fateh’s family knows the truth they get shocked besides his mother because she already knows everything. Khushbir Singh mentions that Tejo is like his daughter and he does not want to see her in such circumstances for the sake of Fateh’s happiness.

Udariyaan Written Update

After a while, when Tejo comes back Khushbir Singh tries to make her understand that she does not need to take such a decision for the sake of someone, who ruined her life. Meanwhile, he says that despite this if she wants to decide something so he is with her. Therefore Tejo says that she has decided to take a divorce from Fateh so that, he can look forward to his life with Jasmine. Because also wants to execute her plan for the upcoming life and does not want to stay between the two forever.

Then Tejo signs the divorce papers and says that from today he can do whatever he wants because she set him free forever. Meanwhile, she packs her bag and leaves the house everyone tries to stop her but she does not and goes to Gurudwara. So that, she can get some peace because she has seen many ups & downs in her life and doesn’t want to see more. In short, many interesting twists and turns are ready to take place in the show, which will set the high voltage drama for sure. So do not miss watching it on Colors at 07:00 PM and for more details stay connected with us.


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