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Udaariyaan Today’s Written Episode 18th October 2021: Jass Makes Tejo Injured

The 18th October 2021 episode of Udaariyaan commences where Jasmine convinces Jass to ruin Tejo’s life by saying that she is a daughter-in-law of a big family, and if he helps her so she will give him all those ornaments which are priceless of him for sure. But first, he refuses by saying that both have gone through the worst past so there is no need to bring it out again. But Jasmine keeps on inflaming him by saying that Tejo is the one who ruined his life, so now he is getting another golden chance for taking revenge. So as far as she is concerned he should not lose the chance.

At the same time, Jasmine mentions that Tejo was the one who created such worst circumstances because of which, his mother is facing punishment in jail. After hearing all this, Jass’s anger starts getting increased because all previous stuff is hitting his mind again and he agrees with Jasmine. Spontaneously she shakes her hand to him and makes sure that she will help him enough to ruin Tejo, or if he wants to come into her life again then she will also help him in this matter.

Udaariyan 18th Oct 2021 Episode

Meanwhile, Jass wonders that whatever Jasmine said is appropriate enough because Tejo has ruined his life and if he is getting a chance to destroy her life, so nothing is wrong with it. After a while, he goes to the carnival where Tejo and Fateh went and extempore he bumps with Tejo, it is not wrong to say that he does it deliberately. She gets shocked to see his face because she did not even imagine that her past would bring out in such a way, she gets shivered because Jass created many obstacles for her in the past, and she does not want to face them again.

As soon as Jasmine sees his face she starts recalling all those things that she has gone through in the past, and does not want to face them again. Meanwhile, Fateh is also searching for her in the carnival because she is missing for a long and due to the rush he is not able to find her, but at the same time, Jass forcefully shuts Tejo’s mouth and brings her out from the Carnival. Extempore he makes her injured through the sharp knife as well.


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