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Udaariyaan 3rd Nov 2021 Today’s Written Update Episode: Jass Threatens Tejo

The 3rd November 2021 episode of Udaariyaan starts Jass comes to unleash the truth behind Jasmine’s exploits which she has done with Tejo with his help. Hence, he gives to Fateh and tries to make him understand that Jasmine is an appropriate person to trust, because she was the one who made him acquainted with Tejo’s all activities as she wants to send her away from their life forever as she feels jealous from him. But Fateh does not consider him and starts mayhem as well by saying that he should not have come here despite knowing, that he will not let him go.

At the same time, Fateh locks him in the room as he gets fainted but as soon as he gets his senses back he breaks the door and comes outside. Meanwhile, he starts spreading Caster oil so that, he can set the fire in their house but spontaneously Tejo gets a sound like someone is doing something inside their house. Then she comes and asks who is there and when he turns towards her, she gets shocked because no one even supposed that Jass could come there, even he tries to burn Tejo as well.

Udaariyan Today’s Episode

After a while, when the fire takes a worst face a huge black smoke outburst takes place which becomes the cause of the Asthma attack of their close ones. Meantime, Jasmine and Fateh go rushes to control the fire through water and sand, so that, a fire could come under their control and they can shift all those who are stuck inside the house. Because as soon as the time is passing the fore is increasing, and becoming the cause of heavy damage and therefore, Fateh says that they should take everyone out before it’s too late, as the fire is hitting the bricks.

On the other side, Tejo finds a way to enter inside and asks Jass to stop whatever he is doing, but Jass says that no matter what happens, he will not let her go. Hence, he rushes towards Tejo by carrying castor oil and a match box because he wants to burn her so that her chapter could be closed forever. But it is being speculated that Angad Maan’s shocking entry will make you a surprise for sure, as he will come inside to save Tejo from his hand and fire, do not miss streaming it on Colors and for further details stay connected with us.


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