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Udaariyaan 23rd Nov 2021 Written Update & Episode: Fateh Regrets His Decisions

The latest episode of Udaariyaan begins with the party where Tejo and Angad have gone, Fateh sees them. Meanwhile, Angad cracks a joke and Tejo laughs and it makes Fateh more uneasy just after the moment the man asks everyone about who is next coming to set the stage. Jasmin raises her hand and says that they are coming next to the groove, Fateh looks at her and tells her that he is not coming to dance with her as he is not feeling up.

She looks at him back and says that it’s their wedding and he can’t make excuses and has to groove with her for making the day more memorable. Angad looks at Fateh and says that it is the beginning of his life and he should have some excitement towards the life and the happiness of his wife. Fateh gets angry hearing the orders from Angad but he does not stop there and continues to jibe him more and more, he says him to give a surprise to his wife, have some excitement, just do romance, dance, and everything that makes her wife happy.

Udaariyaan Full Today’s Update

Jasmine enters in between them and says that they will dance together and it will be the best performance of the night. Tejo then looks at Fateh, and Jasmin says him to step forward and let’s groove on the beat and go with the flow. Angad looks at Tejo and observes that she is about to be sad again after seeing Fateh, he decides to take Tejo again for the dance. Meanwhile, he gets a call and says that Rajat is irritating him now and he should know that he is irritating his boss. He avoids the call, but when the phone rings again, he reads the text where it was written that its an urgency.

He says to Tejo to stay here and he is coming just after attending the call. Tejo gets worried and prays that everything should be fine. Well, as you all know that the show is getting interesting once again so no doubt that missing any single episode can break the interest, and in the latest episode of Udaariyaan you will watch, Angad gets back to Tejo and makes her eat the food, Fateh looks at them from far and gets jealous. Khushbeer comes and asks him that why is feeling uneasy, he does not reply to him, Khusbeer then asks if he is regretting his decision. The episode ends here.


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