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Udaariyaan 14th October 2021 Episode Written Update: Tejo & Fateh Get Arrested For Scandals

The 14th October 2021 episode of Udaariyaan begins where Jasmine inflames investors against Tejo by saying that she is responsible for all those obstacles, which are coming in front of their path. Meanwhile, she shows them all documents which Tejo has signed and keeps on accusing her for previous exploits. Spontaneously Investors say that they need to take action against her otherwise she will ruin their business as well. Hence, they file a complaint against Tejo because of which she gets arrested by the police and sends behind the bar, but she is completely unaware that what is going on with her.

As soon as Khushbir Singh gets acquainted with the news he breaks down in tears Meanwhile, Tejo’s family arrives at his residence and starts accusing him. Her guardians say that Academy is legally registered in Khushbir Singh’s name so what was Tejo’s fault that the Police arrested her in such a humiliating way. He is feeling bad for her and accusing himself that everything is happening wrong because of him, but at the same time, Jasmine’s happiness knows no bounds. Because everything is going on the same as she wanted, despite knowing that Tejo is her sister.

At the same time, Fateh decides to handle all circumstances so that, everything could become as same as it was previously but he is not understanding why they filed compliant in such a small thing. Hence, he goes to investors and says that Tejo is innocent and everything has been done by him. In short, he takes all allegations on her name by saying that he has done plenty of scandals hitherto. But as far as he has concerned about Tejo she can not do anything, but investors are not ready to take back their complaint by saying that the defaulter should get the appropriate punishment.

After a while, investors are convinced by Fateh and decides to make Tejo release from jail but they file the complaint against Fateh as he has confessed such an allegation. When he reaches to the jail to release Tejo, she sees him and gets shocked because she did not expect it at all. But as soon as Jasmine comes to know it she gets shocked because she has done these exploits against Tejo, so that, she can stay away from them but who could Fateh stick in her trap. So do not miss streaming it on Colors at 07:00 PM and for further details stay connected with us.


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