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Today’s Molkki Written Episode 13th November 2021 Update: Sakshi Gets Arrested

In the recent episode of Molkki, we have watched that Purvi gets trapped by Arjun and Sakshi, but before this, she informed Virender everything. Virender reached home and sees that Sakshi is dressed as a bride and asks Virender to marry her if you want Purvi alive. Virender gets shocked seeing her and asks where is Bawri. Sakshi says that she is in my custody and you have to marry me if you want Purvi back. Virender gets stunned seeing Sakshi in such an avatar. Get more information regarding the episode with Molkki’s Written Episode on 13 November 2021.

Sakshi video calls Arjun and shows Virender that her life is at threat if you won’t make your mind then she will die for sure. Purvi there pleads Virender don’t listen to Sakshi. On another hand, Sakshi compelling Virender to marry her right away. In the end, Virender kneels down and goes to be dressed and come downstairs. The wedding gets started and Purvi is screaming seeing them, Virender throws a plate on the phone and it gets disconnected. Sakshi is about to pick it up when the priest stops her. Sakshi and Virender are about to take the final vow when the Purvi enters.

Purvi opens the Gatbandhan and Virender also breaks the garland. Sakshi is taken back when Virender says that they are stringing along with her and tells how they reach to Police and save Purvi. The police arrest Arjun and Purvi sets free and comes here. Juhi looks at Sakshi and asks why did you do all this. Just then Purvi confronts Sakshi and says from now on she will take care of her family and they are her kids only. She is their first mother and second as well. Police arrested Sakshi and were about to take her, but she pushed the constable away and run after Purvi who is heading upstairs with Juhi.

Sakshi grabs Purvi and says she won’t accept her defeat so easily and throws Purvi on the stairs. Purvi rolls in the stairs and falls on the ground, Purvi cries in pain and concern for the baby. Sakshi gets arrested and they rush Purvi to the hospital where she gets to know that her child is no more she even comes to know that she can’t become a mother in the future. Purvi gets collapsed and returns home. Virender tries to cheer her up and says we are submitting your name for the woman chief election of the village. Sakshi there again says that she is going to destroy Purvi this time. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more Molkki Written Update.

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