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The King’s Affection Episode 14 Recap & Review Episode 15 Release Date Time

Hello, all the entertainment lovers, much popular South Korean show The King’s Affection is back with another captivating episode. The show premiered on 11 October 2021 on KBS 2 and is also available on the giant streaming site Netflix. It is getting much popularity among the audience nowadays. While moving back to its latest episode wherein Ji Eun returned to the palace with the assistance of his father. However, his father wasn’t agreed with his decision initially as he considered that his son was way too self-righteous to serve anyone in the palace. Get more information with The King’s Affection episode 14.

Well, Ji Eun father is also supposed that his son might be endangered if he sustain his support with the newly chosen King as he was unaware of the King. Later he found out that it is Dam I who seized the throne instead of Lee Hwi. As and when Dam I sit on the throne he was also compelled by numerous people to marry a person appointed by the Left State Councilor. Ji Eun was also among the people who were in favor that the king would better focus on commencing a family and giving the country its successor.

The King’s Affection Episode 14 Recap

Although Ji Eun’s father wasn’t aware that it is quite impossible for Dam I to perform a wedding in The King’s Affection. But in the end, Dam I has to accept to be the stooge of the State Councillor. Later, Ji Eun’s father becomes suspicious after noticing the scar of King that he is supposed to get from acupuncture treatment. There was only one possibility that the king would have got it in his childhood. Ji Eun’s father then remembered how Lee Hwi and Dam I’s mother protected their daughter by holding her breath for a few seconds.

He thought the acupuncture had left the scar in childhood, along with that Ji Hun’s father also remembered how he killed the daughter with one of his arrows. The episode created immense suspense for all the viewers along with the father who tries to figure out the possibilities of the circumstances. In the end, Ji Eun is not interested in continuing their relation, but both failed and in The King’s Affection.

As they both were involved in each other while kissing his father watched them and realize that there is something he has to figure out soon otherwise his son would be in danger. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the entertainment updates.


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