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Tera Mera Saath Rahe Written Update 17th August 2021 Episode: Kamila Humiliates Gopika


To join the existing shows, a new Hindi serial has been premiered on Star Bharat titled “Tera Mera Saath Rahe”. Even before getting released, the show managed to come into the limelight as it is featuring the popular duo Kokila Ben and Gopi Bahu. Yes, Rupal Patel and Jia Manik will be seen in the latest serial produced by Dev Raj. Let’s find out what is the story of the show and if it managed to entertain the viewers in its first episode or not. Besides, check the written update of today’s episode as well.

The episode starts with Saksham who tells Aashi that she will have to go by foot from there. Gopika who was waiting for Aashi praises her looks. Aashi hands her all the bags which Gopika couldn’t handle. As a result, it fells. Saksham helps her as he holds some bags. Kamila taunts Gopika saying she is useless and introduces her as a maid. Kamila invites them to come inside but Saksham says that he will come some other time and says that he will see Ashi at the party.

Kamila assures him that they will reach on time. Here, Nikhila asks Rani if ​​she checked all the preparation as Saksham is returning after a year and they don’t want to miss anything in giving him a warm welcome. Rani assures her that everything is alright. Meanwhile, Saksham comes and goes forward to take blessings from Nikhila by touching her feet. Nikhila stops him midway. Nikhila scolds Saksham and asks if he has forgotten the manners she gave to him.

Nikhila asks him to take blessing from the one who brought him up first. Saksham smiles and goes to touch Rani’s feet. Later, Saksham also meets Baa. In the next scene, Aashi gives everyone gifts. Gopika questions her if she will not give her the gift. Aashi gives her a stained Dupatta and says that it’s the latest fashion. Gopika gets happy and thanks her. Kamila rudely tells Gopika to prepare food and even calls her stupid.

Later, she asks Aashi to get ready properly as they need to Sakham’s mother. Aashi asks her not to worry as she knows how to impress her. Nikhila asks Saksham to meet with his father as well but he refuses and says that he will meet him later. Saksham’s brother tells him that this party is going to be special as 100 girls will be arriving since his mother gave an advertisement in the paper. Follow for more updates.



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