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SSK Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Episode Update 12th October 2021: Will Geetanjali Devi Apologize to Sandhya

The latest episode of Sasural Simar Ka 2 begins with, Simar coming to the room and looking at a sleeping Aarav, she goes to the dressing table and puts on her dupatta. She thinks that only 7 more days are left then she will have to leave Aarav. She goes to the house temple and sees that the lamp is about to set off, she goes and pours some ghee into that thinking where is Maa.

She lights the Diya early while Maharaj Ji comes and asks her to come to the kitchen. Simar nods and thinks that she should give the aarti to Sandhya first. Meanwhile, Badi Maa steps in. There, Gajendra asks Sandhya to think once again and give a brief clarification and should have to apologize for her work. Sandhya replies that she is having an answer to that and she is not going to apologize at any cost. Gajendra says that if she does not apologize then she has to leave the house saying that the person can’t stay at his house who does not respect his mother and that too just because of stubbornness. Sandhya replies that she gave more than half of her life here in this house and she has been through everything and what she is getting now, just some order to pack the bag…

Gajendra looks on while she says “you forget everything and made me a stranger just in few seconds”. He replies that because he can’t let his mother down, Sandhya replies so she is also not going to down her knee this time because she has apologized for millions of times in this house and what if only once time she is right and doing best and not feeling her mistake because it is not.

Sandhya says that she is not wrong this time and he and his mother should apologize instead of her, Gajendra asks her again that why should Maa apologize to her, Sandhya replies that just because she is not wrong this time. Suddenly she says “Oh… I forgot that I’m talking about Geetanjali Devi who is rather stubborn than her kids, why will she feel sorry she never did it before and she can’t do this ever, so it would be better if I leave because it is my daughter’s matter and I can’t bear anything anymore against my kid”. The episode ends here to stay tuned to read a more written episode of SSK2.

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