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SSK Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today’s 26th August 2021 Episode WU Chitra Provokes Aditi Against Badi Maa


Tonight’s episode of your favorite show will be more dramatic and as the show is going on you must be in the swim that it has reached a very interesting turn where Aarav has started to feel his love for simar. Now, Sasural Simar Ka 2 today’s episode will begin with, Simar entering the temple along with Aarav, there she prays for her father and says to the goddess that she knows that her father has not done anything wrong and he is a pure-hearted man . She requests god to free her father from the prison and keep him safe from all the other conspiracies.

Aarav looks at the god and prays to get her all the wishes to be fulfilled. Meanwhile, Badi Maa throws the papers on Indu’s face saying her husband is not going to come out of jail. Everyone in Avinash’s house gets shocked seeing Geetanjali’s this side.

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The innocent Sandhya goes to Indu meanwhile, Chitra stops her saying if she goes in between this then Badi Maa must consider her as her enemy, she then says that perhaps Badi Maa will relive Aditi once she has done with Indu. Badi Maa says to Indu “what do you think that I will your kids”, she then says that she will nail everything from them because as they have been through so many things but when Gagan eloped with Aditi then it became the height of tolerance because she beard everything but seeing her reputation getting ruined is not a deal of tolerance.

Indu cries saying “ I assure you that once Avinash Ji gets freed from the jail I will leave the city and will never look back here”. Badi Maa repliest that Indu is just wasting her time in begging for her family because they would have to think before doing all this with Oswal’s. Sandhya gets worried listening to all this. Chitra goes to Aditi’s room and asks her if Aarav and Vivaan came to her. She replies that she is locked here and she does not have any idea about the outside environment. Chitra pretends to be worried, Aditi asks if something happened wrong. Chitra replies that Indu came here to apologize to Badi Maa but she is not even listening to her and keeps on insulting her.

Chitra then tells her that the situation is getting worse now and she doesn’t how to handle it, she pretends to be so worried for her. Vivaan and Aarav are also not here then how can she handle it alone. Aditi says that she won’t let anything happen with Gagan’s mother, she goes. Chitra tries to stop her in a so-called way but later she let her go. Chitra smiles thinking that what will happen now when Aditi will go down and stop Geetanjali Devi.



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