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Sonakshi Alleges Karan For Her Pregnancy


The upcoming episode of Kundali Bhagya will begin where Sonakshi’s truth reveals ahead of Luthra’s and it made Karan Shattered too because they get the real report of Sonakshi’s unborn baby. Meanwhile, Rajat and Shreekant reveal a shocking truth that Karan is the father of Sonakshi’s unborn baby. Preeta goes in trauma to hear the news while, Kareena, Rakhi, and Kritika get suspicious that something is fishy behind all this. Meanwhile, they think that whatever is going it seems inappropriate enough and no matter what happens but they can not let break Preeta and Karan’s relationship.

Then Preeta assures Karan that she knows Rajat is a layer because from the very beginning he is trying to make them separate. Therefore she consoles Karan that there is no need to be affected more due to him because she knows that Karan is a pure soul and can not do such things to hurt his family. At the same time, Karan wonders inwardly that Sonakshi is hiding her lover’s name deliberately and at any cost, he will have to find him because only this step makes him prove innocent. But in the meantime, he brings Sonakshi in front of the entire family and asks her to unleash the truth as soon as possible.

Sonakshi does not break her silence hence, Karan keeps on asking her to reveal her baby’s father’s name, and mentions that it sounds quite weird but he does not have any option besides it. But somewhere Luthra’s get suspicious of their friendship after hearing cheap of Rajat for Karan. He forces Sonakshi by saying that Rajat not only raised questions of their bond rather he raised questions about her character too. So now as far as he has concerned she needs to break her silence.

Then Sonakshi breaks down in tears by revealing the father name of her baby, even Luthra’s get shocked because she addressing Karan as her lover and father of her unborn baby. Karan goes into trauma because he did not even expect it from Sonakshi and he gets shattered, meanwhile, Karan tries to prove his innocence. Further says that he and Sonakshi only has a friendship bond or nothing else. But Sonakshi asks him to not indicate his relationship as illegitimate because it seems quite inappropriate and he needs to accept the truth. So do not miss watching it on Zee TV at 09:30 PM and for further details connect with us.



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