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Sirf Tum Latest Episode Written Update 16th November 2021: Ranbir Gets Eye Lock With Suhani

The 16th November 2021 episode of Sirf Tum is bringing a high voltage drama where you will watch that where Riya and Suhani come to the college where Ranbir’s football match is going to take place. Riya thinks that she should kiss her dream price who is Ranbir, and as soon as she trie he stops her because he got that her intentions have been spoiled. But meanwhile decides to teach her a lesson so that, she can not do anything like this in the future. Hence, he rushes towards her and catches as well by saying that she will have to kiss him in front of the entire college if she wants.

At the same time, Suhani wonders how short-temper he is spontaneous, Riya apologizes and says that she did not mean to kiss him. But Ranbir says that if she wants to kiss him according to the condition she will have to do this in front of the whole college, in short, he forces her so that, she should be ashamed and never try to do something like this. Meanwhile, mentions that he always takes a decision through his mind because of which, he does whatever he wants without thinking much.

Then Riya pushes him and tries to rush by saying that he is mad and doing such inappropriate things, but Ranbir follows her furiously by saying that he wants to kiss her please stop. But Riya is rushing fastly because she does not want him to catch her at any cost, but suddenly Ranbir Bumps with Suhani and holds her when she is falling. Both get eye lock because Ranbir meets her first time everyone gets shocked to see the scene because it is the first time, that Ranbir stops in such a way through a girl.

In the previous episode, as the viewers have streamed that Suhani is a sky girl who is afraid of her father’s anger, but she gets a scholarship for study. She decides to go to college with her friend Riya because she knows everything about college. As she reaches the college, she gets shocked to see the world inside the four walls of the college. But she does not know about Ranbir but Riya is acquired with him already, but despite this =, she does not tell anything to Suhani, because she likes Ranbir a lot and tries to make an alliance with hum in the future.


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