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Sirf Tum 19th November 2021 Today’s Written Update: Ranveer Confesses His Feelings To Suhani

The 19th November 2021 episode of Sirf Tum starts where you will watch that Ranbir makes Suhani sits on the horse and take her to the exam centre, because she has become his responsibility. In short, their love story is ready to take a new height from today, which everyone was waiting for. Ranbir decides that no matter what happens but he will never make Suhani face any trouble no matter they are related to studies or her personal life. Because she has fallen in love with her madly, ever since she looked at her simplicity which is quite adorable.

Another side, Suhani’s father agrees with her when she makes him acquainted with her college and dreams, by saying that if she wants to go ahead in her life so this college will be given her new heights. Meanwhile, her father decides to drop her at the college where he meets Ranbir as well, and make them introduced with each other. Extempore, Ranbir assures him that no one does not need to think about her, because from today she has become his responsibility. So natter matter what happens but she will not have to face any bad circumstances unless he is here.

Sirf Tum Written Episode 19th Nov 2021

At the same time, Suhani gets shocked to see his father’s gesture while meeting Ranbir she wonders what happened with him, why he is behaving in such a manner. But the reason behind it, that Ranbir is a son of Vikram Oberoi for him Suhani’s father works, hence, he is not saying anything. Because he wants to find a boy for Suhani who should be rich enough and stay with her as a prince. This is the reason his happiness knows no bounds, ever since he met him but Suhani does not pay more attention towards them.

Later, Suhani will be getting late for an exam and spontaneously Ranbir comes and addresses her “Zimmedari”, he brings a horse from the middle of the procession. He mentions that she doesn’t need to think more, just sit with him and he will drop her fast to her exam center. First, she gets shy and trepidation because she doesn’t know about him more, and spontaneously he came for helping her which is a bit shocking for her. But she sits on the horse with him where he says that he will make her safe from all bad circumstances no matter what happens.


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