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Simar Persuades Aarav To Go For An Outing


The episode begins with Vivaan coming into the house’s temple and says Simar to give him Aarti also. Simar smiles and turns the Aarti towards him, she looks at his hand and says to tie a new Kautuka because the old one in his hands got fade now. He nods, she gets the Kautuka and ties it on his wrist, and asks him if he is fine now. He nods yes… while tying the thread Simar tells him that love is always complicated and changes its colors but there is a power in the thread and it will reach the heart directly.

Vivaan looks at the Kautuka and says praises Simar’s thought on this and tells her that if a person falls in true love so he can stay alone rest of his life because no matter how much time did a relation take but even for a single minute’s moment can leave a person stunned in the love. He also tells her that it does not matter if the person exists in your fate but love is the most lovable thing that gives you the strength to be alive and that too happily just waiting for the person. Simar smiles and says that she know about his love for Reema and she esteems his emotion and honesty for his relation. She then says that she prays for his love while Vivaan replies “I do the same Bhabhi for your relation with Bhaiya”. Both pray to god with folded hands.

There, Aarav’s eyes get wet and his tears fall, Simar comes to him and hands out to keep his tear. Aarav looks at her and wipes his tear out, she replies that these are not just tears but pearls which are so precious and these pearls should not fall on the floor unnecessarily. She says him to stop crying and makes her remind his own talks that music has the healing power and she gets his phone and gives it to him.

Both plug-in headphones and vibe on the same song together. Aarav looks at her and smiles, she gives him a napkin to wipe out his tears, he takes her, and thanks to her, Simar looks at him and gives another one. He gets up and steps forward, she says him to take it and wipe all the tears, he replies that he does not cry like her because she sobs but he does not. Simar says Okay, Okay… she says him to go for an outing along with Aditi so that he will be completely happy. To watch what happens next, tune in to Colors TV tonight.



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