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Sasural Simar Ka SSK 2 Written Update 6th August 2021 Yamini Devi Gets Misunderstanding for Simar and Aarav


The latest begins with, Aarav and Simar visit a park where Aarav says her to hear the chirping of birds and nature. Simar says that she heard Yamini Devi for the first time when she was a kid, she then praises one of Yamini’s songs “Moh Moh Ke Dhagey”. Aarav says her to sit on the swing and starts singing because here they have an audience. She sits on the swing and starts to sing the same song of Yamini Devi. He makes her feel special like a star by shoving the swing and holding a tree stick as a mic.

Simar holds his hand and gets up, Aarav applauds and says that she sang amazingly, she says that this is the song which she used to sing with Roma Di and Maa together, she then tells him that she was just trying to sing that. Aarav says that no one can remain angry after hearing this soulful voice. Yamini Devi says that Geetanjali has snatched everything from her and tells her servant to get some Gangajal because her kids have impure her house. She says to Kajal to find the reason why Geetanjali’s kids came to her. On the other side, Geetanjali gives some charity for someone in the name of her husband, and while doing that she thinks back to the time when she thought to start a business with him.

Again a flashback comes where she sees that how her husband once came to her and appreciated her hard work for making such delicious Pedas, which got sold at a very fancy price, she said that they should keep some money for Mata Rani for her blessings on them, the flashback ends. Badi Maa talks in herself that her husband is not in the world now but for keeping him alive everywhere she does all the charity to the hospitals and NGO’s. Meanwhile, Simar and Aarav come there and overhear Badi Maa.

Both do not stop there and leaves. Bhairav ​​tells Badi Maa that he saw Jogi along with some of his men near their house. Badi Maa says him to go and find out ASAP what that lady wants now. Tonight there will be some other tickling romance along with some drama where Aditi says to get a group picture of them where Simar Holds Reema’s hand and Aarav and Vivaan also stands there everyone poses for the picture where Simar blushes and Reema gets annoyed seeing her and Aaarav . The episode ends.

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