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Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Update 28th August 2021 Episode Check Spilers Alert


The latest episode of the show begins with Reema standing a bit far from Avinash, he sees her and tells this Simar. Simar goes to Reema along with Roma. Avinash calls her and this makes her emotional. She walks towards him with teary eyes and says “Sorry Papa” holding her ears and says “I Love You, Papa”. She cries and hugs her father from the outside of the lockup. Avinash says her not to cry, “you are my superstar baby, don’t you remember”? Reema continues to cry and asks him if he has forgotten her, he nods yes… He asks her if she is happy in the house?

Reema replies that she is happy in her in-laws’ house. Avinash then asks her if Vivaan Ji is not happy with them. Reema says “never Papa he is happy that he got me, and I am the same as I got him”. He looks at Simar and says “though you are the younger you are my genius and understanding among all your siblings, so you have to take care of your siblings and Mumma”. He then says her not to feel weak and if anyone says that she has not been taught good values ​​so just button their lips with your work and respect. Reema says him not to feel alone as they all are with him and he will get freed soon, Simar says that even Lord Krishna was born in the prison but nothing stopped him from coming out of the jail.

Simar gives him the prasad of Janmashtmi and says that Krishna Ji will bring justice. He takes the prasad and asks if she made this, Simar nodes. Reema says him to come soon home and Maa will make his favorite dishes and they will eat them together. Avinash says that these have to bend his shoulders but his head is still high in the sky. He then says them not to let his head go down and make everyone proud of them in their in-laws’ house. Avinash says that his blessings are with them all the time. Aarav, Lalit and Vivaan look at them. Reema and Roma give him his favorite achaar and Parantha.

Avinash looks at them and calls Lalit, Aarav, and Vivaan to come closer to him, they all go near him. He says that he is so happy that he has such sons-in-law and it proves that he is not guilty because criminals never get such kind of a blessing in their families. The episode ends here, stay tuned with us to read more updates and watch the complete episode tonight at the right time.



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