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Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today’s Written Update 1st October 2021: Simar Catches Mohit & Aditi Together

In the latest episode of Sasural Simar Ka 2 your favorite family drama SSK2 you all are going to watch some more dramatic twists in the show. Well, it begins with, Simar getting shocked when she sees Mohit holding aditi’s hand. Simar shouts Aditi’s name and Mohit sees her and he leaves her hand. Simar steps toward her and asks if everything is fine with her. Aditi was about to reply while she sees Gagan from the window leaving on his bike.

Aditi thinks that Gagan must be going through the same pain which she is dealing with. Simar looks at Mohit and asks what is he doing here even they all know that bride and groom can’t meet before the wedding. She then fumes at both saying that these kind of things are not allowed in this house, Mohit sees her and apologizes to Simar. He says that though he is here but trust him his intentions were not bad and as she left him in this big house so he forgot the way and enter the room unknowingly.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Episode

Simar looks at him and says in anger that if she should show him the way now if he is really forgotten the way. Mohit was about to leave while Sandhya enters the room and shocked to see him there, Mohit greets her and steps out of the room. She asks Simar that why he was in this room, Simar replies that he was here unknowingly in the search of washroom. She then goes to Aditi and asks her what happened?

Aditi replies that he saw Gagan here and he is yearning for her as well. She replies that he came just for giving the mandatory stuff for the pooja and he has gone. Aditi asks her keenly if he asked about her while Sandhya says Simar to bring Aditi late to the mandap and she leaves. Suddenly, Vivaan comes there and says both to come downstairs as pandit is calling her.

He adores her saying today she is looking grown up and she should be happy always because whatever about to happen has happened and now the gate of happiness is waiting for her to step in. Vivaan then jokes asking her if she is really adorable or it is just because of make-up. Well, the episode ends here with the happy moment let’s see how far will this go happily. Stay tuned with us to get more written updates.


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