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Sasural Simar Ka 2 Latest Episode 2nd August 2021 SSK 2 Written Update Avinash Blesses Aarav As a Son


The latest episode begins where Simar gets emotional after seeing her father she goes to him she touches his feet, Avinash puts his hand on her head and blesses her, she hugs her father and sees her hands she recalls when the Inspector was handcuffing his hands, while she looks at a red mark on his forehead which he got while push and shove, she feels bad and asks him with a teary eye if he is fine now. Avinash replies that he is all fine as he is standing in front of her, he smiles, Simar hugs him and starts to cry. Avinash says her to stop crying because nothing has happened and says that tears are not a cup of tea for my daughter’s eyes.

He then calls her his doll and hugs her. Meanwhile, Reema gets annoyed seeing her father loving her sister and not even seeing her, she is about to leave while Vivaan stops her, they are still standing at the doorstep. Avinash sees Aarav and says Damad JI! he gets happy, he welcomes him. Aarav touches his feet and takes his blessings. He says to him that Badi Maa should not have sent the police to your door and for this, he is so sad and apologizes to him for Badi Maa’s fault. Aarav then says him to be strong and happy as he is not alone here in these circumstances. “Simar and I can feel what are you going through” he adds later, saying he is here as a son not as a son-in-law.

Aarav says that he was feeling so bad at that time as he was unable to do anything. Avinash says him to say sorry as it was not his bad and now everything is settled so there is no need to repent. Aarav says him to call him by his name, not with Damad Ji. Aarav promises him that he will try his best to settle down the things and make everything fine. Avinash says that as he has said all this so now he got everything he smiles seeing him, Aarav bends towards Avinash’s feet. Avinash says Indu to bring the aarti thali to do Aarav’s aarti.

Aarav says to them that he will accept their hospitality if they do the aarti of their son, not their son-in-law. Avinash thinks back to the time when Badi Simar came to him for Simar’s hand for Aarav. Avinash smiles and says that someone has said it right that relations are made in heaven. He prays to god for Simar and Aarav’s relation. The episode ends where Reema gets angry and to check what happened with her stay tuned with us and tune in to Colors TV tonight at the right time.



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