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Riya Is Faking Her Pregnancy


The latest episode of Ishq Par Zor Nahin begins with Ishqi is saying to Ahaan that she will always beside him no matter what. Ahaan asks if that is so, then why did you sign the divorce papers. She says she wanted Dadi to believe that she prevails than her. Ahaan says still you go beyond the limits. Ishqi says that she is determined to reunite you with Savitri. She says that even if she would have died while doing so, she still has no remorse. Ahaan looks on and tells her that Riya is faking her pregnancy, he then says he isn’t sure whether she trusts him or not but this is the truth.

Ishqi replies she believes him and they both hug. Ishqi asks you still don’t get separated from Dadi. Ahaan nods yes, he added but he still keeps his words which he gave to his mother. Ishqi then calls Kartik and tells him about the plan. Later, everyone assembled in the living area and Ishqi comes along with Savitri. Savitri shows her happiness. Everyone is cheering and Daddy comes downstairs noticing the cheering voices. Meanwhile, Ishqi comes in her way and halts her. Ishqi teased Daddy and asks she can join the club is if she is interested.

Ishqi tells Durga Devi that she is going to leave this house tomorrow, so, thinking of creating some memories for the future. Daddy fumes and joins the party and started drinking. She gets drunk and Chachi comes to her and asks if she has any remorse for what all she did to this house. After hearing Dadi’s words, Savitri says that she only loves her son and now her grandson Ahaan. Savitri tells everyone that anyone she loves she wants them to keep under her thumb. Ahaan comes and backs Savitri.

Dadi fumes and yells at Savitri, she says how she dares to speak in front of her. Chacha comes and says if you still want to make her your puppet. Daddy looks on and apologized to Savitri. She then pleads with her to take care of Ahaan. Savitri has a big heart and says that she only wants to make her realize her mistake and now she realized it she can stay along with them if she wants. Dad apologized again and get agreed. Ishqi and Ahaan married again. Stay connected with Social Telecast for more written updates of Sony Television.

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