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Rani Comes And Gives Veer A Shirt


In the latest episode of ATBA, you will watch, Veer thinking that how can he say Rani Sa to beg and request to Vijya, Rani comes and gives him a shirt, she asks him that why he seems to be worried. On the other side Mausa and others sitting to eat while Mausa asks about Veer, she replies that he is not well so he will eat later. Rajeshwari looks at the food and then others because she never eats with her hands. Rani says Pinku to make a spoon if she can. She tells her about how to make a spoon at home.

Pinku makes a spoon for Rani Sa and then for Rajmata as well. Meanwhile, a woman steps in, where Rajeshwari says her if she does not know what to do before anyone’s house. The stranger lady replies to her if she does not know how to treat guests. She then says that the throne is gone but the ego is still here. Rani scolds her asking what she is saying. The woman replies that Rajeshwari is still having an ego and how can she keep it even after losing all her wealth. She leaves saying they all are so egoistic even after not being Rani Sa here. On the night, everyone tries to sleep but gets uneasy as there is only one fan in the hall and the heat is at its peak. Rani gets some ice and puts it all into a wet cloth and sets it in front of that fan which makes the environment a bit cool.

Rani sleeps next to Veer and asks him if Vijya said anything bad. He looks at her and asks that how does she know about it, Rani replies that she can read his eyes so he can’t hide anything from her. She says him to tell, he tells her the entire conversation held between him and Vijya. He then asks her how can he say this to Rani Sa to do that. He says him to take Ranvijay out from all this but he does not know how can he take him out. Rani looks at him and assures him that they will handle the entire situation together, she puts her hand on his head and says him to sleep for now.

The next morning Rani goes to her college meanwhile she sees a blind man trying to cross the road, Rani goes to him while she sees a car coming closer to him. However, she saves him. The man looks at him and smiles, Rani asks him asking “what are you looking at? are you mad or what”? She then says him to be safe on the road because if she did not come then he would have died colliding with that car. He asks Rani about her name, she replies Chandika and leaves. The man chants her name. Well, the episode ends with some more drama so don’t forget to watch the complete episode tonight at the right time.



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