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Rajat Calls Off The Wedding


A shocking twist will come in Zee TV’s serial Kundali Bhagya. As the viewers are getting to witness the high-profile marriage rituals of Sonakshi and Rajay, today’s episode will feature Rajat calling off the wedding. Undoubtedly, it’s a huge twist in the show as the marriage ceremonies were taking place for the past few weeks and all of a sudden, Rajat denied marrying Sonakshi. Well, what could be the reason? Let’s find out in the latest written update of the serial. It begins with Everyone smiling as they attend Sonakshi and Rajat’s wedding.

Pandit Ji asks the pair to take seven rounds. The couple takes rounds and looks quite happy with one another. Here, Archala is hoping that the wedding function gets completed successfully. After the rounds, only two rituals are left including Sindoor and Mangalsutra. After the completion of the said rituals, Rajat and Sonakshi will get officially married. However, it doesn’t get completed as Shrikant receives a piece of shocking information. He couldn’t believe his ears and goes ahead to inform Rajat about it. The latter gets stunned either and the box of Sindoor falls from his hand.

Rajat angrily stands up and announces that he cannot marry Sonakshi. The entire family gets shocked after hearing his statement. Sonakshi doesn’t understand what has gotten into him all of a sudden. She asks him what has happened and why is breaking the wedding. Yashvardhan also questions Rajat’s decision. He tells him that he came to know something shocking about Sonakshi and after knowing the truth he doesn’t think he can marry her. Yashvardhan assures Rajat that Sonakshi is his only child so all the property belongs to her only. Rajat says that the property doesn’t matter to him but Sonakshi did.

Rajat apologizes both to Yashvardan and Mahesh and state that he would appreciate if they don’t question his decision. Sonakshi gets angry and asks Rajat not to humiliate her family and asks him to explain to her the reason of calling off their wedding. Rajat says that the evidence is on the way and that he is stunned to find out about such shocking truth about her. Karan and Preeta also ask him to at least tell what is going on. Rajat reveals that he cannot marry a girl who has hidden about her first marriage. Sonakshi gets stunned while the family also gets shocked. Watch Kundali Bhagya on Zee TV at 9:30 PM.

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