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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 18th October 2021 Episode Written Update: Will Khanderao Help Malhar to Fight?

The latest episode of the show Punyashlok Ahilya Bai will set your excitement to the next level because now Malwa has bounded by the Portugal soldiers and Malhar and Khanderao have to get their state free from the enemies if they want to rule the state in the future because now if they take it lightly so perhaps they will lose their kingdom. Well, in the latest episode of the show you will watch Malhar telling everyone in the Sabha that they will have to get their fort freed from the Portugal soldiers.

Everyone smiles just to boost the confidence level of Malhar, Malhar then says that only three days have left so far for the preparations. Then he looks at Tukoji and asks him if Khanderao asked him anything about the talks they had in darbar, Tukoji replies that he didn’t ask him anything about the darbar and meeting as he came late. Malhar replies that he knows what happened with him and how to handle it. He then says him to stay at the place where he stays because Khanderao should have to him to ask about the work instead of him going to him, Tukoji nods.

There, Khanderao asks Ahilya to get some food, Ahilya replies that he is late because everyone has done their breakfast and now the preparations for the lunch are going on and it would be better if he steps towards the Darbar. Khaderao yells at him saying he is not going anywhere until he gets the food. Both of them get into an argument where Ahilya insists he attends the darbar because it would be helpful while arguing she falls in his arms both of them smile and seeing them Renu, Sarja and Parikshit turn away.

There back in the darbar, Malhar says to Gunu Ji that he took everything as a practice for a mission for all Rajputana’s, Gunu Ji nods saying him not to be worried saying “if you have faith in me then you should not be so worried because I’m not going to disappoint you”. Tukoji comes there and says that Khanderao is coming and suggests to them that they should listen to him for once perhaps he has the solution that how can they defend their kingdom. The episode ends here to stay connected with us to get all the latest updates before anyone and don’t forget to watch the episode tonight at the right time.

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