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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 13th Oct Episode Written Update: Khanderao Abandoned Darbar

The latest episode starts with Khanderao is this is your arrogance and nothing else and I won’t allow anything wrong to happen here. Khanderao leaves and Ahilya starts crying. Tukoji there goes to summon Khanderao as Malhar called everyone in the court, but Khanderao says he won’t come. Tukoji asks why he isn’t coming. Khanderao replies because I don’t want to come and leaves from there. Ahilya looks on and thinks about what has got into him now. Gangoba there says that he is waiting for Khanderao, Dhanaji replies that many kings bow down due to their prince. He says it seems that Malwa’s days are numbered.

Gunu ji backs Dhanaji and says he agrees with Dhanaji, Malhar making the entire court wait just because of his son. He further says that Khanderao is doing contempt of the court. Malhar comes and apologise to all the people present at the court and says a lot of time has been wasted due to Khanderao. He asks Gangoba to proceed with the work. Gangoba asks but for how the work will start without Khanderao. Malhar says he was supposed to be here at this time but he didn’t follow the orders.

The court work starts and Gangoba starts briefing the attack situation from Portugal soldiers at the fort. Malhar starts discussing the plan with his ministers. Gangobas informs Malhar that it is impossible to surround the fort because of the sea. He that it is going to be a dauntless task we can’t assume the aftermath of the war. Tukoju comes just then and says Khanderao refused to come. Parikshit goes to Khanderao and asks what is he doing you abandon the crucial meeting just because of drinking.

Parikshit asked what happened to you, Khanderao says Ahilya rejected me, she doesn’t want me to drink, even after all this she is living with my memories, she is putting the condition to love me. Parikshit says she loves you and is concerned for you, she knows your responsibility more than you. Khanderao says that this addiction is harmful, so what, I am not hurting any other person. Parikshit again tries to make Khanderao understand that Malwa will bear the punishment for his one mistake. Khanderao gets angry. Just then Ahilya comes there along with Sarja and Renu. Tune in to Sony Tv at 7:30 PM and watch the complete episode.

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