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Prithvi Stands By Karan’s Side


In the ongoing track of Kundali Bhagya, a whole lot of twists and turns are taking place. Currently, Sonakshi’s pregnancy and having a relationship with Karan’s plot is going on that has been garnering a huge engagement from the viewers. Talking about today’s latest episode of the Zee TV serial, it starts with Prithvi and Sherlyn enjoying the drama. As Rajat has called off his wedding with Sonakshi after accusing her of being characterless, Rajat’s family is calling names to Sonakshi and Luthra’s family. Where everyone is coming in support of Sonakshi and Karan, Prithvi and Sherlyn cannot help but enjoy the high-voltage drama.

However, Prithvi pretends to be worried about Karan. He stands by his side and fakes his concern about him. Prithvi asks him not to worry as everyone supports him. He adds that Shrikant has put such baseless on him as it’s obvious that he has not done anything. Prithvi even praises Karan’s character and says that he believes that he could not impregnate any woman before marrying her and that Shrikant and Rajat are just trying to frame him. Prithvi thinks that he will get on the good side of the family after supporting him. Though he wishes bad for Karan and prays that he gets badly trapped in Shrikant’s conspiracy.

Prithvi slams Shrikant and Rajat for falsely accusing Karan and Sonakshi without having any solid proof against them. Later, he suggests Karan visiting the hospital so that he can crosscheck if the allegations are true or fabricated. He advises the entire family to go to the hospital where Shrikant has gotten the medical reports. He states that he can even check if Sonakshi was actually pregnant, who is the father of the baby. Prithvi gets determined to prove Shrikant and Rajat wrong and take revenge on them for running their reputation.

In the next scene, Prithvi visits the hospital along with the entire family. He prays that Karan gets proven wrong and Preeta loses her faith in him. He gets excited thinking that Preeta will get separated from Karan and he will again gain the chance to be in Preeta’s life. There, at the hospital, Shrikant talks to someone about the reports. He informs the family that soon the documents will arrive and Karan will be proven wrong. Where Karan is troubled thinking what would happen next, Sonakshi seems very calm. Is Sonakshi hiding something? Read Kundali Bhagya written updates on our site.

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