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Original Ankha Dance Version of Cat Shark Gawr Gura Video Link Twitter Reddit

Hello, all the people, one of the most controversial yet popular videos is getting circulated have fetched a high amount of attention from the netizens. The first animal crossing video of Ankha Zone has been uploaded a month ago and just gathered enormous attention. The video was shared and spread like a wildfire all over the Internet. Later, another animal crossing video was shared on Twitter by a Twitter consumer named “Matchattea43″. The second video again wreaked havoc on the Internet, the short video clip has become one of the most-watched videos on the Internet.

Well, again another Ankha Zone Animal Crossing video is trending on the Internet and obtain the attention of the viewers. The previous video shows that the quirky Animal characters of the video are dancing in a compromising position. The dance steps start trending and numerous adult stars follow the trend online. As of now, another character is getting viral because of the video. This time a clip of a Cat Shark Gura Gawr got viral. As the exclusive video is sharing on the Internet and the questions again started raising regarding the video. Most people are bemused whether the video is real or fake.

Besides, Gawr Gura is one of the Virtual English YouTubers who is associated with Hololive Production. Many videos have been released featuring these virtual YouTuber under the production banner earlier. The YouTube channel of Gura debuted on Twitter on 8th September 2020, however, the channel and account were made in July, but it got active in September along with her first video. As we mentioned that there are a number of Virtual Social Media consumers have been seen in the video, but Gawr Gura received immense fame among them all within no time.

In addition to this, the virtual YouTuber outranked all other users and that’s too within 37 days and soon tops the list with her captivating videos. Along with that Gawr Gura become the most subscriber hololive virtual YouTuber. She achieved a milestone when she accumulated 1 million subscribers.

Now, it is considered as the only production house member with this huge number of subscribers. The trend continues and she managed to increase its subscriber by 2 million and gained the second rank virtual YouTuber following Kizuna AI. Fetch more information regarding the virtual user Gura Gawr through its official page. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information on Ankha Zone Video.


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