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Nima Denzongpa Written Update 13th Oct 2021 Episode: Naari Lashes Out on Nima

The latest episode of the show begins with Naari is mad at Nima as she saw her along with Suresh in the car while she was going to the market. Naari taunts Nima that you forgot to call me today you were swamped. Nima is in a dilemma and thinks to cheer her daughters. Varun there asks Suresh if his owner has a big car, Suresh replies yes, Varun then says so that he can use Bluetooth to talk to his mother. Suresh asks Tulika if you want to talk to me while my boss is sitting in the car. He says if she wants I will leave my job to talk to her the whole day.

Nima there is trying to cheer her daughters and informed them that she has made momos for them. Naari says she isn’t feeling to have it, but Nima still makes her sit down with everyone. Naari says Manya and Sia are looking stressed, but you are looking happy. Nima replies that we are all sitting together and doing well, troubles are mandatory but are temporary if you are heading to achieve something in your life.

Nima just shows them the gifts Paras gave to her, Manya takes a gift box and find a watch in it. Manya says she is going to keep it, Nima says sure but also share it with her sisters. Nima then gives chocolates to her when Naari yells enough. Nima asks what happened to her, Naari replies that she always preaches to us to become independent but herself roaming along with that man who left us in such hardship. Naari further says that I saw you in the car enjoying the drive with him. Nima says mind your language you are talking about your father.

Naari says I haven’t forgotten, but you are forgetting that he left us in the middle of chaos and you are roaming with him like a couple. Nima gets angry and is about to slap him but stops in between. Nima then explains to them everything why Suresh is working there. Naari realises her mistake and comes to her mother to apologise. Nima forgives her and takes them to enjoy ice cream. Tulika there is washing clothes when she finds Nima’s handkerchief and says I knew it. She goes to Suresh and asks about the handkerchief. Suresh lies to her they are about to argue when Sunita asks to stop and suggests going out. Get an all-new Nima Denzongpa Written episode here at Social Telecast.

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