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Nima Denzongpa Today’s Episode 6th October 2021 Full Written Update Spoilers

The latest episode of Nima Denzongpa begins with Sia turns to see Sarla and she sees that Sia is enjoying tea along with Shiv. Sia runs from there without informing Shiv anything. Suman is sitting there along with her family and having food. Paras greets Nima and asks about her well-being. Nima replies that she is fine. He asks if she wants tea or coffee. Suman’s husband asks Nima and Baaky to find a driver for Paras, but Paras says that he doesn’t need a driver he is good.

Paras says that he wanted to return to his family, his father then asks when he is going to join the family business. In between Suman says let him enjoy for some days he will join the business later. Her husband says but I want my money back that spent on his studies. Maaji then asks for money she got money from Mitali’s family and Paras father told Paras that he fixed his engagement with Mitali, she belongs to an affluent family. He further says that he is planning to call them for dinner tonight. Paras sadly gets agreed.

Nima Denzongpa Written Update

Suresh’s Boss Balaji calls him and says that they are working together for years. He then informs Suresh that he is thinking to quit the entertainment industry and can’t even help him with another job. Suresh gets shocked hearing his words, he got worried and asks him to don’t expel him as he doesn’t have another source of income. He then says at least hire him as his driver, but Balaji says that he already has a driver who is working for him for 30 years. He then says but one of my friends needs a driver. Suresh appreciates him for his assistant and admires him as a star.

Manya tells Naari that he lost her bracelet when she got kidnapped. Naari asks where did you notice it last time, she replies that she was with cute Paras in his car. Naari asks about Paras. Where Paras’ is talking to his sister Babita and says that he doesn’t want to get married right now. Babita suggests him marrying of your choice. Manya on another hand telling Naari that Paras is a nice boy and he is rich as well, she further says that any girl would be lucky to have him. Tune in to Colors at 9 pm today and enjoy the complete episode. Stay tuned with Social Telecast and never miss any Nima Denzongpa Written Update.

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