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Nima Denzongpa 7th October 2021 Written Episode: Suresh Goes to Suman’s House For Job

The latest episode of the show starts with Tulika is serving food to Varun and tries to talk to him, but she noticed that he is angry. He says that I got humiliated today just because of you. Tulika says I had to do all this to save you from your father anger and his rejected family. I pretend to lose just because your father spared you. She says sometimes we have to lose small games just to win big ones. Suresh comes there and asks what are they talking about, Varun replies just like that.

Suresh wonders that he should talk calmly to Varun. He tells Varun that you are apple of my eye but don’t repeat this mistake again and leaves from there. Varun angrily says Tulika that you fool me again, I am going to tell everything to Baba what did you just told me. Tulika laughs and appreciates Varun’s smartness. Paras’ family there meets Mitalis’s family for Paras and Mitali alliance and fixed their marriage. Mitali’s father asked Ginesh for engagement within a few days. Suman says that we have to make arrangements for Babita’s engagement as well it might be a hassle for us. Mitali’s says we can get Paras and Mitali engaged at the same time and asks them don’t worry about expenses. Suman says that she has to talk with Babita’s inlaws about this.

Nima and her daughters there are having dinners, Manya says that Tulika is behaving strangely today. Nima stops her say ill words about her. Just then Sarla comes inside and Sia gets tensed seeing her as Sarla watched her along with Shiv. Sarla says that she has come here to have some words with Sia about her FD. Sia goes along with her.

Sarla says Sia that I considered you as my daughter so I have come here as a mother to make you understand. Sia says it wasn’t like that, Sarla says I have a lot of experience of this world and people that way you are looking at each other is the way Suresh sees Nima and you are pretty aware of their situation. Just then Nima comes there and Sia manipulates her words.

Suresh there goes to Suman’s house and recalls when he had come there earlier following Nima. He was about to leave when Baaky takes him to Ginesh. Tune in at 9 PM and watch the complete episode. Stay connected with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest updates on Nima Denzongpa written update.

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