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Nima Denzongpa 19th October 2021 Written Episode: Nima allows Sia For Office Trip

The all-new episode of the show begins with Suresh says Tulika that he is feeling suffocated in this house and doesn’t want to live here anymore. Tulika says this is all you want always. Tulika says if it is like that then she will go to her father’s house. She asks Varun to come along with her, but he denies it. In between Sunita comes there and asks Tulika to relax and control herself. But Tulika says that she is going right away. Suresh avoids Tulika and she thinks that she has to go now.

Tulika goes out and sees Nima, she gives her money and says this is for ice-creams, we can’t keep your money. Sarla says you can’t pay back her ever. Nima asks Tulika don’t drag her into their quarrel, she has some more important things to do. Tulika informs Nima that she is going back to her house. Sunita is sobbing in the house and asks Suresh who will take care of home chores. Suresh says you are still thinking of yourself. Sunita goes after Tulika to stop her. Sunita apologizes to Tuika, but Tulika says she won’t return to the house until Suresh begs for the pardon and leaves.

Suman, there is giving a head massage to Paras while Paras is humming recalling Manya. Suman doubts him and asks if he has a girl in his life. Paras again recalls Manya but gets sad at the next moment when Suman tells him that his fiance is a nice girl. Manya there informs Nima that she is going to present a famous brand. They understand my value now. Nima scolds Manya that you got the second chance just because of God. So, it would be better to focus on your work instead of being arrogant. Manya gets agreed and Sia enters at the same time.

Varun says that he starving, Sunita says we are suffering due to their fight. Varun asks Sunita to do something he needs food. Sunita asks Varun to assist her when she cooks, but Varun says don’t disturb him as he is busy studying. Sunita says just come here and assist her.

Nima is doing home chores when Sia comes to her and asks to rest she will take care of it. Sia then informs Nima about her office trip. But Nima allows her and asks to give Shiv’s number in case she doesn’t contact her. Tune in to Colors Tv at 9 PM and watch the complete episode. Stay connected with Social Telecast for more Nima Denzongpa Written Update.


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