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Nima Denzongpa 16th October 2021 Episode Written Update: Manya Meets Paras

Hello, all the entertainment lovers, so the all-new high voltage television series Nima Denzongpa is dominating the small screen. The highly engaging episode of the show is coming with another twist. We have watched so far that Nima allows Suresh to work along with her at Suman’s house. They both also went to the market together on Maaji’s order. At that time Nima’s handkerchief drops and Suresh picked it up and kept it in his pocket. He returned home and Tulika found out the same handkerchief in his pocket. Tulika doubts and thinks to follow Suresh, she was going behind Suresh and about to enter when Bakay catches her.

Bakay enquiries Tulika and asks who is she, just then Suresh comes there and sees her. He asks what is she doing here. Bakay then takes them both to Maaji, Suresh informs Maaji that she is his wife. Tulika says I wasn’t doing anything, Bakay tells Maaji that she was looking inside through the window. Tulika tries to say something but failed. Suresh tries to handle the things and says she comes here for some money as she was ill. Just then Ginesh comes there and asks Suresh to take her away. Tulika leaves but didn’t see Nima. However, Nima watched her and get scared.

Manya there comes to the office to meet the CEO, she sees Ginesh at the office and thinks that he must be the CEO. She decides to tell him that she can’t shoot now. While Sia is at the bank when the manager announced an annual trip. He further says that they are planning a trip to Pune. Sia asks if it is mandatory to come on the trip. The manager tells it is compulsory for all the employees. Shiv noticed that Sia is looking tensed, he asks what happened to her.

Sia tells Shiva that she doesn’t think that her mother will allow her for the trip. Shiv says to try to convince her at least. Sia says you don’t about my mother. At Paras’ office, his secretary calls Paras and informs him about Manya. She enters the cabin and starts speaking, she says look uncle. Paras turns around and says he isn’t any uncle. Manya gets elated seeing him and says Paras. Paras replies you still remember my name and tells me that he is the CEO of the company. Watch all the episodes of the show on Voot anytime. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information with Nima Denzongpa Written Update.

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