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Nima Denzongpa 11th October 2021 Episode Written Update: Manya Gets Replaced At The Shoot


The episode starts with Manya informs Nima that she has got an advertisement offer. Nima gets elated hearing this and hugs Manya. She says I always worried for you, but now, I am happy that you are heading with something in your life. Manya says I will become a successful model now. Nima laughs and Manya smiles. Naari and Manya hug Nima. They all noticed Sia is standing tensely. Nima says she might be worried about her work. Manya says she has to follow the diet now. Get all the details of the episode with Nima Denzongpa Written Update on 11 October 2021.

Manya, there is way too excited for her tomorrow’s shoot, she wakes and sees Sia hasn’t slept as well. She goes to her and asks why are you so tense. Sia asks if you are trying to do something good but it is hurting someone. Manya says always listen to your heart and leave the rest. She then asks her to go to bed now. The next morning, Nima is leaving for her work. She meets Suresh and they go to Suman’s house together. Bakay again noticed them together.

Sia is working in the office when one of her colleagues found that her calculation is wrong. She tries to rectify her mistake but in vain. She looks at Shiv but he avoids her. Suresh there comes in the kitchen along with groceries while Nima is working in the kitchen. Suresh and Nima laugh together while Bakay again sees them and Suresh leaves seeing him. Bakay then says to Nima you know about Maaji she will fire you if you involve much with the new driver. Nima was taken back.

Just then Manya reaches the shoot and gets ecstatic when she gets special treatment from the crew. Manya gets ready after makeup. The crew member informed Manya to take care as the photographer is stern. Manya starts posing for the shoot when the photographer scolds him and asks if you don’t know how to pose. Manya again struggles at the shoot and the photographer yells who brought her here. The Photographer says that a pretty face isn’t enough to become a model.

He further humiliates her and says she is good for nothing. He asks the crew to replace the mode, Manya is stunned hearing this pleads for another chance, but the photographer didn’t listen. Manya is disappointed. Watch all the episodes of the show aired so far on Voot anytime. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more Nima Denzongpa Written updates.



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