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Nevertheless Episode 9 Spoilers Release/ Air Date Check Preview


Due to JTBC’s ongoing Korean drama popularity, nevertheless the webtoon has been getting a lot of engagement from the viewers. Except for the same title, the story of the said webtoon is quite different from the K-drama. The author has kept the storyline a lot darker as it explores unhealthy and toxic relationships. Though the drama also depicted a similar plot as the cast Han So Hee, Chae Jong Hyeop, Song Kang, and Lee Yeol Eum managed to essay the characters of Na Bi, Yang Do Hyuk, Park Jae Eon, and Yoon Seoul Ah sequentially.

Written by Jeongseo, nevertheless is a popular Korean webtoon that was issued on Naver Network and consists of a total of 40 episodes or chapters. After the popularity, the makers decided to transform the webtoon into a drama, and surprisingly, it is also getting applauds from the fans as they are liking the cast and the story altogether. The storyline of both the drama and webtoon circulates around two personalities who seem totally opposite to each other but are somewhat similar. It shows how difficult it is to find love and to trust again when you have had your heartbroken already.

Na Bi who is the main character in the story loses faith in love after getting heartbreak in her first love while the boy named Park Jae Eon has never believed in love his entire life. Now, what will happen when these different personalities cross paths. Will a love story blossom between the couple or will it end on a heartbreaking note? Yoon Seol Ah, the former girlfriend of Park Jae Eon is the second lead in the story who has a crucial part in their complicated love story. It is shown that the playboy Park Jae Eon gets confused with Na Bi and Yoon Seol Ah.

The confusion leads Park Jae Eon to an unhealthy obsession with Na Bi as he feels she was the reason, he got separated from Yoon Seol Ah. He tries to take revenge on Na Bi and makes her fall in love with him and even gets her physically attached towards him. Na Bi loses belief in love after the shocking heartbreak from Park and she decides to move on by cutting her hair short and even getting along with another guy named Yang Do Hyuk. At the end of nevertheless webtoon, Na Bi and Yang Do Hyuk end up together as the former tries to help her regain the trust in love.



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